To reach one of our staff, please dial the main number 303-340-0510, then enter their extension. 

Position Name P-20 Community Phone Extension Email
Director Jennifer Gutierrez   28310

Assistant Director OPEN   28319  
Coordinator, ESS Jennifer McCammon   28357
Coordinator, ESS Becky Hanley   28307 
Assistant to the Director  Jenny Bennetts   28321
Director of Mental Health and Counseling Jessica O'Muireadhaigh    28531
ESS Consultants        
 Consultant Joshua Martin  L  29297
 Consultant Erin Turner    28430

 Consultant OPEN      
 Consultant Kathy Fisher    29811
 Consultant Danielle Burdick  E  29244
 Consultant Jill Leitner  A  29290
 Consultant Jennifer Carroll  S  29262
 Consultant OPEN      
 Consultant Christine McGovern  S  29264
 Consultant Dan Wright    28369

Andrew Moores

 E  29245
 Consultant Debbie Huerta  L  29801
 Consultant Laura Burke  P  29267
Office Staff        
ENRICH TOSA Michael Bilyeu
ESS Interpreter Clerk Mercedes Garcia   28312
ESS Interpreter Clerk Rosa Leiva Aguilar   28383
Secretary, Child Find Elideth Ortiz   28431
 Secretary, Child Find  Wendy Dalrymple    28428
ESS Secretaries        
 Secretary Jeannie Brown   28316
 Secretary Kristin Icke   28314
 Secretary Linda Lauermann   28309