ESS Interpreters Protocol


The Aurora Public Schools

Protocol for Exceptional Student Services Interpreters

Agreement 1: Safety

                The ESS Interpreter will update his/her district ID annually and identify him/herself as a Trained ESS Interpreter at signing in and with all participants at meeting.

Agreement 2: Confidentiality

The ESS Interpreters will keep all information confidential and not discuss, report, or offer an opinion about matters interpreted.

Agreement 3: Assignments

Assignments offered to the ESS interpreters should follow the ESS department guidelines, including:

  • When we contact you for an assignment whether by e-mail or by phone you will have until NOON the following day to respond before we attempt to secure a different interpreter. Our directive is to ensure that we have the services made available in such a manner that we are accommodating for the needs of those receiving the services.
  • We require a minimum of 24/hr. e-mail notice, phone call, or both, if an accepted assignment needs to be declined. It is imperative that you specify whether or not you secured another Trained ESS Interpreter to cover the assignment for you, and if so, who that person is.
  • Sickness or emergency: If sick or unable to keep an interpreting assignment due to any kind of emergency situation, please call the ESS office immediately at 303-340-0510 ext. 28312 for Mercedes or ext. 28383 for Rosa Vicky. It is imperative that you specify whether or not you secured another Trained ESS Interpreter to cover the assignment for you, and if so, who that person is.
  • All assignments will be re-scheduled during a SNOW DAY, please check the District’s Web Page, and stay tuned to local news for school closure updates. Interpreters will not be paid for any assignments that are missed due to an official APS snow day.
  • Please submit the Assignment Confirmation Sheet (ACS) to the ESS office as soon as the assignment is completed. We need the ACS to confirm hours worked and quality of service. If the professional requesting the service is not available for signature, please have someone at the work site sign the form.

Agreement 4: Presentation of Services

  • The ESS Interpreter will sign forms using “Trained ESS Interpreter” as title.
  • The ESS Interpreter will introduce him/herself in English and Spanish in the following way:
    • My name is…I am a Trained ESS Interpreter. I will interpret EVERYTHING exactly as it is said. I will speak in first person, as if I were you. Please speak directly to the parent/student. Pause frequently to allow interpretation. Please ask if you have any questions. The information shared at this meeting will remain confidential.
    •  My nombre es…Soy interprete capacitado en Educación Especial. Voy a interpretar TODO exactamente como sea dicho. Hablaré en primera persona, o sea como si yo fuera usted. Por favor hable directamente con el profesional. Pause frecuentemente para permitir la interpretación. Por favor pregunte si tiene alguna duda. La información mencionada en esta reunión es confidencial.

Agreement 5: Accuracy and Completeness

The ESS Interpreter will use consecutive, first person, interpretation without altering, omitting, or adding anything to what is stated. The ESS interpreter will follow basic guidelines for assessment (i.e., do not look at answers; do not add commentary besides bolded test stimuli, write students’ answers verbatim). The ESS interpreter is not qualified to score or evaluate student responses.

Agreement 6: Professionalism

The ESS Interpreter is a professional providing interpreting service to families on behalf of the ESS department and will dress and behave professionally as described below.

  • Dress appropriately in a manner consistent with the District’s dress code.
  • Be on time and prepared.
  • If running late, the ESS Interpreter must first notify the professional receiving the services immediately. ESS Interpreter must also notify the ESS office.
  • Bring the Assignment Confirmation Sheet with you.

Agreement 7: Scope

The ESS Interpreter will not give any advice, express personal opinions to individuals for whom s/he is interpreting, or engage in any other activity other than interpreting while serving as an interpreter for ESS.  THIS INCLUDES THE RESPONSIBILITY TO COMMUNICATE ANY SIDE CONVERSATION WITH THE FAMILY AND REFER THEIR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS BACK TO THE PROFESSIONAL CONDUCTING THE MEETING.

Agreement 8: Request for Clarification

When the ESS interpreter is not sure about a concept, a term or meaning, s/he will immediately communicate that concern to the professional leading the meeting, and ask for clarification or alternative explanation. In addition, when the interpreter makes a mistake, s/he should address the mistake and correct it immediately.

Agreement 9: Training

Interpreters are encouraged to further their knowledge and skills through continuing studies and training. See the ESS website for trainings available:

Agreement 10: Performance Observation

The ESS Interpreter may receive a minimum of one observation per year. The observation will be a random selection of IEP’s or Assessments to see the effectiveness of the trainings and to identify possible areas of improvement.

I have read the Protocol for Exceptional Student Services Interpreters and agree to abide by these guidelines.


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